Cathedral Staff Musicians and College Choral Scholars - Corpus Christi Cathedral
    The Cathedral Choir of Corpus Christi

    Corpus Christi Cathedral is currently auditioning singers of all voice parts as part of the new
    semi-professional Sacred Music program. The program will focus on the authentic sacred music from the traditions of the Church, focusing on Gregorian and English Chant, Renaissance polyphony, and larger choral/orchestral works.

    Cathedral Staff Musicians:
    4 compensated singers (1 per section) with exceptional skills in vocal technique, sight-reading, and experience in singing polyphony and chant. Opportunities for solo work and cantoring. Very competitive compensation rate per call.

    College Choral Scholars:
    8 students (2 per section) currently enrolled in a college choral program with advanced sight-reading and vocal skills. High school juniors/seniors and those past-enrolled within a year of a college choral program may also be considered.
    Compensated competitively through a monthly stipend.

    Auditioned Volunteers:
    Up to 12 musicians (4 per section) with choral experience who can read music and blend with other members. Singers will be responsible for singing all Mass Propers, Ordinary, hymns, and at least one motet per week.

    To schedule an audition, please contact the Cathedral Director of Sacred Music, Scott Powell at
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