Vespers Antiphon needed: Common of Pastors
  • quilisma
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    I am looking for one of the antiphons referenced in the OCO 1983 for the Vespers of a Pastor.
    There's no musical reference, just a * next to the name. It's the 3rd antiphon: Oves fiet unum.
    Anyone know where it could be found?
    Maybe the more recent OCO has a different set of antiphons?

    Any help would be appreciated, otherwise I will substitute with another.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    * = nondum editum
    I think that means the source (fontes) had not then been published.
  • smvanroodesmvanroode
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    The recent Ordo cantus officii has the same text for the third antiphon of second vespers:

    Oves meæ vocem meam audient et fiet unum ovile et unus pastor.

    But it refers to CAO 4203 and AM 395, which have another text:

    Oves meæ vocem meam audiunt et ego Domino agnosco eas.

    Happily, the antiphon has a typical melody of mode II* which can easily be adapted to the text prescribed by the OCO.
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  • smvanroodesmvanroode
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    O, look: the monks of Solesmes have already done this for us! See the Antiphonale Romanum II, 512.
  • quilisma
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    Excellent detective work Mr. Van Roode!
    I didn't think of looking in there.
    I'll be sure to consult it when I'm next lost for an antiphon.

    Incidentally, I'm planning vespers for the feast of St. Jerome as he is the patron of one of our local churches.