Middle School Choir
  • This thread is in the same vein as Tim's. Apparently I'm teaching choir to middle schoolers, too. I can do pretty much take it in any direction that I want, but I would like to keep liturgical music as the backbone.

    So 6, 7, 8th graders. 60 of them (Laughter or tears?)

    The class is 45 minutes and is in the church. The choir area is not large enough and the piano will be used sparingly since it is not close enough to sit at. The structure of the class may look like this:
    1) Warm Ups
    2) Ear Training (repeating intervals and phrases back)
    3) -playing with the idea of doing solfeg here-
    4) Opening prayer (song)
    5) Learn part of the liturgy and the ordinaries of that part (theology/liturgy/chant)
    6) __Somehow arrange the choir to do a hymn. A BEAUTIFUL hymn or two____
    7) Closing psalm

    Any suggestions or ideas (to expand upon or change--- I'm open to this. The class was pitched to me as "liturgical music" and I jumped on the chance; however, it really is the place to put the kids that didn't want to do band. I am sure about %15-20 of them like music or singing. The rest are there because they didn't want band. However, I want them to get something out of this. I don't envision a straight choir, but I do want to do some good pieces.

  • Wanted to add that this is at my kids' catholic school. I was asked the Friday before school began if I would do this. I expected to be teaching them the music for their school mass, but apparently the church MD does that. So I kind of have cart blanche. Not that I wanted it, but I am kind of excited about the opportunity now!
  • Nitpicky question:

    Why is your opening prayer 4th?
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    I had wondered the same thing actually about the prayer as 4th on your agenda. Students are used to opening classes with a prayer, but you could be switching it up. I have a fond memory of a 7th grade student who volunteered to lead the opening prayer and prayed extemporaneously in such a beautiful way that I called his mother that evening to mention it to her. She was sure I was calling about behavior and was so relieved and pleased with my call.
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    Will you sing the opening prayer? If so, would you share?

    I've just gotten the job of leading the kids in our homeschool co-op. I have no idea what I'm going to do, but the idea is that I'm the "first thing" so that if stragglers come they will just join in. I've got to figure this out quickly!
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    This is one that I commonly use - very simple and yet identifies what we are about.
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  • Fair question about prayer- The class immediately follows a 15 minute "chapel" which is essentially a whole school prayer- The virtue of the week is discussed- usually including a parable of some sort- and multiple prayers- including St. Michael and the morning offering are made. (I so love this school.) Chapel is held in the church and that is where choir is held. It doesn't fit to jump right into song practically- it's 8:15am and these are middle schoolers- and the nonsense singing loosens them up a bit. They did lovely when I approached it this way.
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    Nice to hear that you are off to a good start! I pray that you will enjoy your school year and that your students will learn and grow in love of Christ and of music.

    By the way, if you don't know it already Google "Black Socks They Never Get Dirty" for a silly round that I have found middle school age usually enjoys.