New Spanish Text of the Ordinary
  • I see that the Bishops have approved the new Spanish edition of the Mass. The Lexington Diocese has a useful rundown of the changes. (For those who hadn't seen this, the main change for the Faithful is to use the Latin American ustedes and not the Iberian (Castilian) vosotros where those two differ from what this site said but someone may know more. Mandatory use if from Advent 1 on of course.) I would actually like to see the approved text of the Ordinary, which I could not find in a bookstore yet. Does anyone know of a link with the full text of the Ordinary? It would be most helpful. My Spanish is quite good enough to read it but I found many sites that have not been updated even to the new English translation, so my head started to spin.

  • You can find a lot of it on this page:

    The published missals have been out for a while now—first from Catholic Book Publishing, and now from Liturgical Press also.
  • Thank you. The only thing I can find in the only bookstore likely to have it was from MTF, and it specifically says "Version Castellana." I'll look for the ones you mention online.

  • Thank you. That’s very helpful. I have the LP chapel edition in English so will probably match it. The MTF Missal is far and away the best one for laymen in English so I am a little disappointed that an American publisher would use Castilian, if the purpose is evangelical, which I had always thought it was. I did buy their excellent “Handbook of Prayers” (Oraciones y Devociones) which is my No 1 book to give to people in English. It too is Castilian but I’ll just pencil in the differences, which are likely not many and that will help my Spanish all around. I teach English and I actually had a very educated Venezuelan student, physician around 30, blanch and groan “oh” when I mentioned “vosotros.” It’s probably not something I’ll ever have a visceral understanding of. I get the idea, not the emotion.

    The occasion is I am switching to the Spanish—Central American—parish right next to the HS which is my main teaching gig and right next to my house. Most of my kids go there .That parish’s schedule also frees me up to sing in two chant choirs. I ramped up my Spanish a lot this summer but just decided to make this move.

    Blessings, Kenneth
  • OCP also has their “daily” (papaerback) Missal out. I object to those in pews although I know one fine parish that uses them. Rather than mark up the nice ones with vocabulary notes, that makes a good study copy I can scribble all over.

  • Thanks again for all your help. I seem to be
    internet blind these days. The MTF Oraciones is a lovely book but was already superseded when I bought it. I ordered the OCP and will diligently apply myself to it. I’ll get a nice copy in a bit.
  • @Marc: Do you know if a study copy will be made available for the Spanish version at some point?

    Also, I'd really like to have a complete set of the Lectionaries - again a study version if available. Is something like that available? I have been using the USCCB website for readings, but it would be very nice to have the complete lectionary.
  • Janet,

    I did see that Liturgical Press is advertising a study edition to be published next year.

    Most folks I know are using the Mexican lectionary, so you’d have to check with that publisher for details on a study edition. They’ve got a pretty good website.