Prayers please
  • I am taking a Grade X RCM Organ Exam on Friday, which my teacher has told me I'm well prepared for. However, those nerves could always creep up... prayers would be appreciated.
    Secondly for a personal and private intention.
    Thirdly and finally, since I've become an altar server for the TLM, my scheduling isn't exactly allowing me to continue my Saturday Organist job throughout the year. At this point I'm considering leaving. Please pray that I make the right decision. I call to mind the words of Fr. Charles Carmody when he tells altar boys that "serving is your first loyalty", and I intend to take that to heart. PM if you'd like more details on my situation. I don't want to talk about too much here at the moment.

    Thanks for all of your prayers, you've always all been there for me in my greatest times of need. Be assured of my prayers for all of you, especially those of you who have been scandalized or affected by the recent events taking place in Holy Mother Church. Perhaps we could ask the special intercession of St. Peter, my confirmation saint, and St. Rita of Cascia, the Saint of the Impossible?
  • Thanks for all the prayers. I received the results of my exam today and the mark is a 90, which falls within the ranks of First Class Honours with Distinction.
    I've also made a decision with my job. I'm going to continue for one more month. Thanks for the prayers on this also.
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  • Great News!!!!!
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  • I made the decision to completely devote myself to serving at the Altar for the time being. This means that I will be leaving my job. Tonight is my last Mass. Please pray for me.
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