Arthur Sullivan: Songs
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    Nothing Church-music related: But, for anyone who is interested in the music of Arthur Sullivan, art songs, or vocal music of the late 19th century, I HIGHLY recommended David Owen Norris's recording of Sullivan's songs (Chandos, 2017). You won't be disappointed.
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  • I do like his sacred music, though. His setting of "Lead, Kindly Light" is extraordinary, and we'll be doing his harmonization of "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" at Christmas.

    But knowing that it's the Sullivan of Gilbert & Sullivan can influence how you hear it. I played his "O Taste and See" for a parishioner, and she started laughing because it sounded so Gilbert & Sullivan-like to her.
  • What's wrong with using The Lost Chord at Mass? It talks about religious stuff and even has an organ!
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    My choir sings the lost chord - not the composition, but the non-existent chord.
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  • To be fair - The text for The Lost Chord was written by Adelaide Anne Procter, a Catholic convert as well as one of the most famous feminists and social workers of her day.

    I have a few close friends in mine for whom I hope to sing this piece at their funeral. It would probably be the only vernacular piece I'd allow at my own.

    And I'm surprised no one has brought up the guilty pleasure Onward Christian Soliders. Or one of my personal faves, even if just for the tune name, ST.KEVIN.
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    It would probably be the only vernacular piece I'd allow at my own.

    Will you be in a position to enforce this?
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    Liked the "Lost Chord" when I heard Tom Hazelton play it. "Onward Christian Soldiers" has largely disappeared but I remember it from days gone by.
  • Will you be in a position to enforce this?

    I'll also make a provision for the noble guards in attendance on my body in state to bayonet any such person who tries to oppose this. Should this fail, the association of (properly recompensed) pious widows will drown out any such noise with wailing and gnashing of teeth. I like to be realistic about the codicils I make to my will, after all.
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