Catholic children’s songbook?
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    Is there a GOOD “Catholic children’s songbook” in existence? For very young children, with pictures. Something that would contain basically all of the traditional music a Catholic kid “should” know. (Some traditional common protestant hymns, other Catholic hymns, Marian hymns, and of course Gregorian chants.)
  • tomjaw
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    This is quite good... although my children have skipped this stage and go straight to singing chant in Latin.
  • You're probably already familiar with the music books re-printed by Seton Press?

    We Sing and Listen, We Sing and Dance, We Sing and Blend, We Sing of Our Land, We Sing and Chant, We Sing and Harmonize?

    These were part of the homeschool curriculum I used for my boys and found many very useful songs in those books... Not exactly modern in their artwork, etc...
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    Don't forget the Ward books.
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    TJ- I'm a-thinkin' that The Story of Redemption still has its own legs to stand upon. I used it about a decade ago with success.
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    I recommend this book because it is wonderful, but our EF community does not usually sing anything in English, so it is normal for our children to sing in Latin (/ Greek Kyrie etc) because that is what they hear in church and at home.
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    This book is available in the book pdfs on this Musica Sacra website. It's not bad, from what I've seen. I even bought a hard copy. "Gregorian Chant for Church and School, by Goodchild (1944)."

    edit: home now, here's the link:
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    Of course, tomjaw. I only intended them to be used as a didactic tool, for a Vacation Bible School presentation and classroom reading only.