Crotalus : Finished Prototype : by Francis Koerber (Teton Craft Works LLC)
  • francis
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    Here is the final story on the production of my prototype Crotalus. This one is made of Brazilian Cherry (extremely hard wood to cut and shape), but it will probably last a loooonnnnnnnng time.
  • ryandryand
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    Nice work
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    If you have cut off a finger, do not call this number, call 911 and seek emergency medical treatment immediately.
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    Haha... scroll saws do not cut off fingers unless you are stupid... band saw, yes. Scroll saw no.
  • Carol
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    This is very similar to the crotalus my mother was given about 40 years ago. The pastor at the time was clearing out a storage room and he thought my mother would like it. I will have to look and see if it is as well made as this one. Thank you for sharing the photos of the whole process.
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  • Beautiful work, Francis -
    Your crotalus reminds me of a Japanese kyoto.
    Now what does your crotalus and a kyoto have in common!?
    They both are made from beautiful wood.
    Wood for the kyoto is chosen purely for the beauty of its grain, not, as we would choose wood for a Stradivarius, for its acoustical properties.
    Your choice of wood is remarkable, its grain lovely.
    And, the style (if you want to call it that) of your crotalus reminds me of mission furniture - very simple lines, unornamented, functional shape.

    I admire your artistry!
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  • francis
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    Lent is around the corner and every church NEEDS a crotalus.

    This one is for sale!

    PM me if you are interested.
  • Really nice!!! Thanks for sharing...
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  • WGS
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    Did your woodworking shop come east with you? Crotalus time is approaching again.
  • francis
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    Hi WGS

    It is East. It has done nothing but rain all winter. Not used to that. Crotalus is still available. Thanks for bumping me on the noggin.