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    St. Mark the Evangelist
    Job Description

    Job Title: Director of Music Exemption Status: Non-Exempt

    Department/Location: St. Mark the Evangelist Parish, Oro Valley, AZ

    Primary Function: Under the direction of the Pastor responsible for working cooperatively with the Pastor, parish leaders, and others to plan and foster music and liturgy that promote the full, conscious and active participation of the assembly. .

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
    ...Perform as a lay minister in support of the parish’s spiritual and pastoral mission
    ...Shall abide by Catholic principles in the teacher’s professional and private life, and shall govern his/her professional and private life in strict accordance with Catholic morals and principles to demonstrate complete adherence to Catholic moral strictures
    ...Ensure that all liturgical musicians and choir members are well-versed in the liturgy of the Church and the propriety of their duties including an understanding of the rubrics of the Church
    ...Be responsible for all music associated with worship and liturgy is in accordance with the currently accepted practices of the Roman Catholic Church
    ...Attain copyright permission for music as necessary
    ...Hold regularly scheduled rehearsals of the music to be used at liturgies
    ...Provide liturgical formation, music education, and practical preparation for cantors, choir members and instrumentalists
    ...Be responsible for the implementation of music ministry for liturgies, including recruiting, training, and rehearsing for all who participate in the music program
    ...Provide music for all liturgical celebrations of Sundays, feasts, seasons and special liturgical events
    ...Serve as a resource person for the parish school, religious education and youth ministry programs
    ...Provide musical input and copyright information for the preparation of worship aids
    ...Participate in liturgy committee and pastoral staff meetings
    ...Research new music as to provide a fresh and expanding repertoire to the congregation as well as the choir/cantors
    ...Be responsible for developing and maintaining a parish music/choral library
    ...Be responsible for developing and maintaining the music budget
    ...Be responsible for hiring of professional musicians for special Masses and events
    ...Provide guidance and music for wedding and funeral liturgies
    ...Working with Volunteer Coordinator to manage all volunteer music ministers including screening, volunteer assignment, to include the management of personnel in accordance with Diocesan policies and procedures.
    ...Obtain and prepare Worship Aids as needed
    ...Perform other duties as assigned

    Physical/Mental Requirements: Requires coordination and manual dexterity; normal mental and visual ability; ability to lift as required in a normal office environment.

    Required Activities: Walking; sitting; standing; stooping; reaching; talking; handling; hearing; carrying; and keyboarding

    Basic Qualifications:
    ...Must have a working knowledge of and a strong commitment to the mission of the Diocese and Catholic Church; be in full communion with the Church
    ...Must have a working knowledge of the Liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church and traditions and possess a repertoire of traditional and contemporary liturgical music, including Life Teen, to enhance and support the prayer and worship of the parish community
    ...Possess competence in training cantors, choral directing and keyboard performance
    ...Possess excellent communications skills, verbal and written; excellent human relations and interpersonal skills
    ...Exercise courtesy to fellow employees, parishioners and the general public
    ...Must be a self-starter; well organized; perform multiple tasks simultaneously and work with a sense of urgency
    ...Ability to maintain confidentiality
    ...Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment; punctuality is a must at all times; ability to travel locally as required
    ...Possess proficiency in computer technology to include word-processing, including use of music notation software
    ...Must have a professional bearing; clean and neat personal appearance
    ...Willingness to maintain his/her artistic ability to pursue professional advancement in the fields of liturgy & music
    ...Must be able to successfully pass a background, criminal history, and credit history check

    Education and Experience:
    ...Bachelor of Arts in Music or Music Education or a similar degree
    ...A minimum of five years professional experience in the preparation and celebration of liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church. Familiarity with liturgical resources and music repertoire.

    Other/Preferred Skills:
    ...Bi-lingual (English/Spanish)

    Candidate inquiries can be directed to
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