Parishes in or near Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Heath
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    Former student heading up to UMichigan for grad school . . . any churches (and their choir!) that I should send her to? How is the student center at UM?
  • Heath,

    I'll PM you about this.
  • marajoymarajoy
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    So, my knowledge is all about 5+ years old, but AVOID the student center. Check out St. Thomas (easy walk from campus,) or Old St Patrick just a short drive north of downtown.
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  • ghmus7
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    St Thomas,
    St. Francis
    Both have fine organs and good musicians
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  • ryandryand
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    Old St Patrick is a nice little church. Haven’t been to Mass there but I did see that they offer the extraordinary form once in awhile. That and the pleasant little Schlicker organ in the loft lead me to believe it would be worth checking out on a Sunday if you are available
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  • OSP has lots of chant at all masses. Traditional hymns. A vibrant parish.
    Just a few minutes drive north of Ann Arbor.
    The organ is a "transplant" but voiced a bit overwhelmingly strong for the size of the building.
  • jabv
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    I cantor a fair bit for Old St. Patrick. Most Masses are offered ad orientem. We always chant the introit (to the mode 8 psalm tone) and usually chant the communion proper.
  • CatherineS
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    I went to the 7:30 am at St. Thomas the Apostle on Sunday. Whoever was singing had the loveliest voice. Really, it was beautiful in an uplifting way, so clear and soaring and balanced. I so enjoyed that. Assisting at Mass in unfamiliar places is a risky business, but this was a joy.
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