Benedict XVI Institute Teaching Choir Bass opening (SF Bay Area)
  • The new Benedict XVI Institute (B16) Teaching Choir is looking for a bass with leadership ability with an approximately 2 octave range (E2 to E4), and who is able to sing straight-toned throughout an entire Mass or concert. We are also looking to add to our bass sub roster with similar qualifications. The B16 teaching choir goes into parishes in the bay area (Marin, East Bay, Peninsula, SF) to teach choirs and their music directors how to read and sing Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony that they can incorporate into their liturgy if desired. We are also asked to sing Latin Masses at various parishes that need our assistance to help their choir strengthen their chanting and singing skills. In addition, we are the SF Archbishop’s personal choir and are often asked to sing special Masses, events and concerts upon his request during the day and in the evenings. If you are unavailable for any event, you will be required to find your own sub from the list of approved singers. The pay is $40/hour for all rehearsals, $50/hour for all Masses, and $60/hour for concerts, recordings, and all events with the Archbishop.

    We have exciting projects lined up including a concert and a Latin Mass at San Quentin, and teaching Missionaries of Charities (same order of nuns as Mother Theresa) how to sing simple chants in August alone. We are also scheduled to work with USF students and the St. Ignatius parish in September, and, we have many other fun projects lined up! Typically, when we go to parishes, we will participate in 3 Weds or Thurs night rehearsals (~7p-9p) and one Sunday morning Mass (typically either a 10 or 11am Mass). We expect to work with one parish in this fashion per month in addition to other weekday projects as required.

    We are looking for a candidate with leadership ability, excellent sight-reading skills (in black neumes and in modern notation) with the ability to sing straight-toned most of the time AND with the ability to switch gears to solo singing at any moment. Singing one-on-a-part should be something you think is fun! and not stressful. A vocal performance degree is neither required nor preferred, however blend-ability (vocally and in personality) with the existing soprano (Rebekah Wu), alto (Victoria Chang) and tenor (Kevin Gino) is absolutely required in addition to skill. We will look for your proven track record and reliability/dependability by calling upon references. If you would like to schedule an audition, please select dates/times (July 17, 18, and 21) that you are available at, and Rebekah will email you with your assigned audition date/time by Saturday morning. If you are unavailable for any of the dates/times, please email Rebekah at

    Thank you for your consideration!
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