Hymn to St. Luke
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    My school ( St. Luke ) is looking for a hymn to St. Luke to sing as a "school hymn".
    If you know of a text or would like to write one, let me know, either here or by pm.

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    In a previous search I did not find too many Hymns for St. Luke, but we did find these,


    Also a search of the Cantus database found another,

    Praeclare Luca Christi http://cantus.uwaterloo.ca/id/830440
  • Praeclare Luca, Christi evangelista,
    Qui veridicum scribens evangelium
    Omnibus sanam protulisti doctrinam,
    Supplica Deo pro nostris excessibus.

    But it is only one verse, apparently local to Poland, of the hymn Adnue Christe, for the Holy Apostles. The Luke-verse more common is

    Luca, fidelis lator Christi dogmatis,
    Spretor carnalis integer cupidinis,
    Medice docte corporis et animae,
    Sana veterna aegri cordis vulnera.

    Perhaps @innocentop can help?
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  • From All Thy Saints - text by Earl Nelson (related to Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson), hymn by Frederic Weber (Paean). Hymn appeared in the 1870's.

    Verse 17 is to St. Luke: For that beloved physician, all praise, whose Gospel shows the healer of the nations, the sharer of our woes. Thy wine and oil, O Savior, and bruised hearts deign to pour, and with true balm of Gilead anoint us evermore.
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    Liber Hymnarius has Plausibus, Luca, canimus triumphum p.457, for Lauds and Vespers.
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    Here is a modern hymn to St Luke, the last verse seems good guidance for a school.
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    The New English Hymnal has a hymn for St. Luke at no. 194 (pp. 444-445). The hymn has three stanzas, and St. Luke is the focus of the third (Jesus is the focus of the first two).

    text: Saviour, who didst healing give, H.D. Rawnsley

    You can find this same hymn on the Hymnary website here, though text and tune are not engraved together.

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    The Lumen Christi Hymnal has a translation of the Vespers hymn, "Holy and learned, Great Saint Luke," at 322.