donation of organ scores, books,etc
  • I need to downsize. I would like to donate to anyone who would make use of most of my personal library of organ music (approx 2 + file cabinets drawers full - approx 130 books on church music, organ, organ building.Also some organ/choral cd's. Also approx 500 organ/choral records. also 16" bourdon (32 notes Austin pipes, large scale. Pick up in Round Lake ,Illinois. Pipes and records 20 minutes away. I just want to pass this on to people who would make use of it. Everything is free. Questions?
  • This is very generous of you!
    I'm sure that listing the entire contents of your library would be a daunting task, but some idea of subject matter and repertory would be helpful. Any scholarly books or multi-volume sets, scholarly organ editions? Does your CD collection emphasise any particular period, composers, or artists?
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    I would be interested in knowing what kind of repertoire you have. I live about an hour away so it would be an easy trip over.