Magne Pater Augustine (Mode 5 hymn melody).....having a hard time finding it
  • Anybody know where I might find it?

    So I'm looking for a particular melody to the hymn Magne Pater Augustine that I really liked when I first heard it. This hymn has at least three different plainchant melodies that I have seen online. The particular melody I am looking for is Mode 5, I believe. It certainly reminds me of the Kyrie forMissa de Angelis, anyway. I did find a Dominican setting of the hymn, but it is in Mode 3, with the same melody as Pange Lingua. That one's also nice, but it's not the one I'm looking for.

    The attached score is the melody I am looking for, but it appears to be an old hand-drawn piece with text that appears to have been done on a typewriter, and so it's honestly kind of hard to read and even harder to actually sing from it. I found it in a Google image search, and in spite of several weeks now of looking around elsewhere on the internet, I have been unable to find any other source for this hymn melody. So I was wondering if anyone had this version of the hymn in a format that was clean and easy to read. Or perhaps someone could point me in the direction of a good source?

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    Look at melody no. 6 on this page. And here is a PDF score from that page.

    Added info: "source: from the Manuscript "A collection of church songs and preludes" by Fr. Jana Babraja CRL" (transl. from the Polish).

  • Chant version.
  • Thank you both so much for your rapid responses! This forum is so awesome.

    Oh and Arthur Connick, I'm curious, could you please tell me what source that chant score came from?
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  • Proprium Missarum et Officiorum Ordinis Eremitarum Sancti Augustini jussu Reverendissimi Patris Prioris Generalis P. Mag. Eustasii Esteban Editum, 1926, supplement to the Liber Usualis