Choirs At Spanish Language Masses
  • In your parish, if you have Spanish language Masses, do you have a choir that sings in parts?

    If no, why not?

  • TCJ
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    In general the Spanish choir sings in unison with an occasional harmony part. The most we have managed has been three parts, with the third part falling to me. Only one of the choir members reads any music, one of them is trying to learn, and the others I can tell don't really want to. This means that the music is done almost entirely by memory and they cannot read alternate parts. Problem number two is that over half of them cannot follow their own melody when they hear someone else singing something different.

    That said, they are considerably better than they were awhile ago and we keep making small steps toward improving.
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  • Thank you, this is exactly the kind of information that I am seeking. noel