Looking for a card with the responses of the faithful
  • My students, all Spanish speaking, said they would like to see the responses of the faithful in English. I can't practice with them in class, but I can give one a stack as a personal favor. I confidently said I could pick something up at the National Shrine, assuming for some reason that they would have the card I bought there, oh, 15 or 20 years ago.

    Of course not. In fact, I confused most of the employees who fell in that range of years themselves.

    Anyway, there are any number than can be downloaded, but before I ask Staples to do a nice job printing them up for me, I would prefer to find a nicely printed card. The one I remember was in good card stock and folded in thirds--the kind of thing you fit in a pew rack with the envelopes. If anyone knows of a publisher that does that, I would be happy to buy a stack to have around so I can give out one or two a year.

    Many thanks.

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    Is this for the Novus Ordo, I presume?

    Operating under that assumption... Weren't cards like this ubiquitous around the time of the implementation of RM3? There must be plenty of those still around that parishes would probably let you have for free (just to take them off their hands) or that you could get at low cost from a publisher.
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    If you do a Google search for "new Mass responses card" or "Mass pew card", you'll get several hits, both ones you can buy and ones you can print out.
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    For £s from the CTS? Would that not be the wrong English translation? I don’t believe the US and E&W translations match up, but perhaps I’m wrong.
  • Many thanks. I kept asking for "pamphlet" and "card" and got nothing but forgot "Mass pew card," which is obvious, which is why I didn't think of it. I believe, Irish tenor, that you are entirely correct about local parishes and there is one that I do not belong to that is just around the corner from where I am right now...worth pursuing, perhaps.

    Blessings to all.

  • Magnificat got the prize--of an order of 10, which is all I think I will ever need. I think that was the one I bought 15-20 years ago, mutatis mutandum. They are all quite handsome. One other publisher lost the deal because its website said my passwords didn't match, even when I typed it in Word and pasted it into both slots. Ah, well.

    And IrishTenor, you were dead on. One publisher had a very handsome one--with the new wording highlighted. Meaning they haven't see a need to publish one since.

    Many thanks again.

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    tsoapm—The Order of Mass is identical between the USA and England & Wales (apart from spelling differences, e.g., Savior/Saviour). The scripture translation used in the Lectionary is different, however, between the USA and England & Wales. England & Wales makes use of the Jerusalem Bible and the Grail Psalter (1963) whereas the USA makes use of a modified version of the New American Bible (although the Revised Grail Psalter is also approved, though not included in the current edition of the Lectionary). [See attachment of England & Wales Order of Mass.]
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