Mass based on/complementing Cum Jubilo
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    Any suggestions for a polyphonic Mass Ordinary that complements the chant of Mass IX ('Cum Jubilo') and could possibly be used in alternation with the chant for some parts of the Mass?
  • How about Maurice Duruflé’s Messe “Cum jubilo,” opus 11?
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  • Missa Brevis de Dominica a 3 (Biondi da Cesena)

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    Look for the polyphonic alternatim mass setting by the late Card. Domenico Bartolucci!
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    You may be aware of a whole series of polyphonic mass settings "de Beata Virgine" by Renaissance composers based on (at least some) the melodies of Mass IX; there are ones by Victoria (a 5), Morales (a 4), Palestrina (a 6), Josquin, etc. Don't know if any would work in alternation with the chant, though the Morales looks to be one of the shorter settings.
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    For alternatim performance go to Isaac. IIrc, there is more than one Ladymass, published in Lerner's Opera omnia, Corpus mensurabilis musicae 65.