Wedding program for EF Nuptial Mass?
  • Nisi
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    Would anyone have a sample wedding program (to be handed out to the congregation) for an Extraordinary Form wedding?
    Thank you!
  • madorganist
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    You can order EF booklet missals here:

    You could probably put something together yourself and have it printed for less money. In my opinion, the full text can be overwhelming and confusing for guests. Better to include headings for everything and texts/translations only for parts of the ceremony and Mass sung or said aloud in Latin. They don't need the offertory prayers, Canon, etc., or the parts of the marriage rite said in English. Sit/stand/kneel rubrics and a notice about reception of Holy Communion are also helpful.
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  • tomjaw
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    I have the complete texts and a few sample booklets as pdf pm me if needed.
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  • CCoozeCCooze
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    We typed up programs for our EF nuptial Mass, including just the necessities, so as not to be overwhelming.

    My sister bought a lot of those nuptial missalettes, shared above, for her EF nuptial Mass, and then donated them to the Parish for future use.