Standard Rates for Wedding Choir Members
  • Hi, I am going to be singing in a choir for a wedding and the bride asked me what I would charge for being in the choir. What are the going rates for this kind of service? When I am hired as a soloist I charge $150, so I don't know if I should go lower than that? At this point I'm not sure how many other choir memebers there will be or how much they are getting paid. Do I ask the bride those questions to determine my price? Thank you for your feedback!
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    I'm paying a singer $125 to sing a bunch of chant he already knows well in a couple weeks. If it were more complicated or difficult, the price would be higher depending on circumstances.
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    If I were part of a choir, I would consider charging less. Maybe you could talk to the bride about how many choir members she will have? Will you be upset if you ask for $100 and someone else gets your fee of $150?
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    How much of your time is she expecting? Do you know all of the music already? Will there be rehearsals? These are just a couple of considerations that might affect whether or not I would lower (or raise!!) my regular rate.
  • I think that whatever your normal stipend for singing at a wedding is would be appropriate, regardless of what (or if) any of the other choir members are being paid.

    Some, as evidenced above, adjust their fees according to whether they know or whether they have to learn music. I don't. I have a standard fee, which I charge regardless of the preparation required (unless it is something really really out of the ordinary). This reflects that it is me, my repertory, and my expertise for which the couple are paying. Too, if extra rehearsals with others or a soloist are required there is an extra charge for this or these.
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    MJO, I submit that there is a difference for your services as an organist from that of a singer who is not a soloist... so I'm not sure that your experience is a good guide for a vocalist. We sing most of our music a capella... but weddings are always more organ intensive. The choir I direct has a set price for "the choir", which is not necessarily the entire group, just those that are available, but typically enough to do our repertoire. The organist and other instrumental soloists are always paid separately.

    Molly, in your particular situation I think I would be upfront with the bride. I would tell her that you normally receive $150 as a soloist, but you aren't sure what a standard rate would be for being part of the choir. She may be paying a choir as a group and is willing to pay you as a soloist just so that you can balance out some deficiencies in the group she is considering... but I think she will appreciate your candor and willingness to work with her so that you are justly compensated while she has beautiful music for the wedding.
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    $70 each for trio, quartet, or quintet, $50 each for eight or more singers. Usually it's a moot point because enough volunteers are available for weddings and funerals.
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    Around here a soloist makes 250 and most choir “gigs” (I know we all hate this word) pay around $125.
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    As a cathedral singer/soloist I do not set my own rates, but they are established by the cathedral. $175 for a soloist or $100 as a member of the ensemble. When a choir sings a wedding which isn't that common, we are typically called an hour before the service for a brief rehearsal before the Mass. If I were to sing at another parish which is rare, I would negotiate a rate with the couple for my services which is usually less than than what I would make at the cathedral.
  • Our choir is all volunteer. Typically, the organist receives a stipend, and the singers a nice note of thanks.
    Sometimes the note states that a Mass will be offered for our intentions (which is much appreciated!)
    but so far, whenever the choir received cash, the consensus was that it should be used for a Mass stipend.
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    Per my contract, professional choir singers at my church are paid $100 all-inclusive, usually for an eight-voice ensemble.
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    Access to the open bar at the reception is my only specification.