Recovering from injuries: what help?
  • Does anyone have any concrete suggestions (and experience) nursing a broken thumb? (No, it's not mine. A student of mine fell and landed on his thumb, breaking it). The poor recipient of the broken thumb will be out of commission for 4 weeks (or more) but what I'm interested in, specifically, is exercises which can help strengthen the hand muscles without re-injuring the thumb.

  • Sqeezing rubber balls.
    Also, there are scissor-like squeeze 'things' that spring back out after being squeezed in. They are used for hand and arm calisthenics and could probably be found at a sporting goods shop.
  • Wouldn't this work against him when he goes back to using the thumb?
  • CharlesW
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    I would have him consult a licensed physical therapist. Much safer than getting advice from well-meaning amateurs on the Internet.
  • Heck, CharlesW, that takes all the FUN out of it!
  • Incardination
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    SML, I think you had a typo... think you meant the "THUMB" out of it.

  • Earl_GreyEarl_Grey
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    This is probably not a good idea either.