Music for Diocesesan Clergy Convocation Masses
  • I've been asked (and agreed) to accept the task of preparing and directing the music for my diocesan clergy convocation daily Masses later this month. (I've done this before, but not for a number of years.)
    In speaking with the priest who "mans" the Office of Worship, I inquired whether he would personally endorse a strictly "Roman Rite" approach to these three Masses; namely the use of Proper antiphons, the Gradual, and chanted settings of the Ordinary, whether in English or Latin. Also I suggested the possibility of all three Masses being sung unaccompanied. The OF, of course, will be employed.
    So, my initial thoughts are that at two of the Masses all musical elements would be sung in English, and at the third either all in Latin or a discreet blend of English and Latin chants, ie. Most Propers in English (except maybe the Communio) and the Ordinary in Latin.
    Now where I need some advice is from what English source would you suggest I appropriate the Propers? BFW, the Anglican Gradual, Psallite (blech!) or....? I'm going to also consult the chant booklet from the 07 DC colloquium.
    I see this task, beyond the obvious and profound worship aspect, as being an opportunity to immerse our bishop, priests and deacons within the fountain of our native waters, that which is common (in the greater sense) to all Catholics. And then I hope that experience my lead some of them to personal calls to conversion of their own entrenched modalities.
    Any advice?
  • Sorry about the mis-spelling in the thread title.
    Should have read "Dye-ah-Cezanne" Convocation.
    No, wait....., "Diocesan..."
    There, I feel better.
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    Charles, are you interested in having any help (we're in Salinas)? I have 4-5 people who who love to participate. Send me your email address.
  • Thanks, Greg. We have a schola on board in my parish program and y'all would have quite a run with the de riguer stop at Case de Fruita! I really want to emPHAsize to our clergy that they CAN influence and GET THINGS GOING FOR THE BETTER with homegrown leadership in the Fresno Diocese.
  • What is wrong with my spelling today: CASA de Fruta. Yeesh.
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    OK. Well, keep us in mind. We have Kathy Reinheimer coming back to do antoher workshop here in Septemeber.