Articles on "Modern" Hymnody by Anthony Esolen
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    While I normally stay out of the "awful hymns" discussions, I would point those interested to a pair of articles by Anthony Esolen from Providence College. These were originally published in "This Rock," but they can now be found on in the "culture" section of the website. (Actually, there's a lot of good stuff on this site.)

    Esolen first dissected the melodic style and then the prosody in a number of hymns from "Glory & Praise." If you're looking for more talking points on the limitations of this music, you might find it useful. These articles articles were published last year and I wish the author had used another hymnal for his examples. Why? Lots of folks will say, "Well, we've moved beyond Glory & Praise. We now use ________." Quite true, but a large number of those hymns can be found just about anywhere.

    Again, enjoy the articles - and why not look up some recipes while you're at it.
  • I think I first found that site when our homeschooling group was planning an All Souls' Day activity... great recipe for Soul Cakes :)