Variæ Preces (Solesmes)
  • Would someone be able to direct me to a PDF of "Variæ Preces ex Liturgia tum hodierna tum antiqua collectæ aut usu eeceptæ", published by Solesmes in 1888, 1889, 1892, 1896, and 1901? It seems like it should be in the public domain, but I can't find a PDF anywhere.
  • Thank you, but it doesn't like where I live!
  • Clemens, you opened my eyes to a whole new resource!! Thank you!
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  • If someone could download that and post it for me, I would be appreciative.
  • Well, interesting you would ask that!! That's the first think I looked for... but instead, it is only available as an e-book for Google Plays. The e-book is free, and there were lots of other free e-books that are related. But I am not seeing a download option.

    Is there something in particular you were looking for? Or was it just as a resource / ongoing browsing? If it is something in particular, I could screenshot something for you. I'll look further to see if there is a download option, but I didn't find one last night.
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  • But rarty was able to post the pdf... :)
  • You're a saint, rarty! Many thanks!
  • And you too, Incardination! :-)
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    Just by the way, has anyone been able to find the 1888 first edition online? It's probably not super important, but having the other four handy in .pdf is pretty sweet for research, because you can see the new developments.