Constitution/governance of an area-wide sacred choir
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    Does anyone have experience with a regional choir comprised of singers from a number of congregations within the church body? Specifically, does anyone have experience with the governance of such a group? For example, does your group have a constitution? Does it have a Board? If you have a Board, does the choir answer to the Board, or do the singers pretty much run the show? My choir has a constitution dictating the existence of a Board comprised of both appointed clergy, and singers elected by the choir. The Board appoints the director, and has final say (yielding to God's Word, of course) in all matters, including changes to the constitution. What type and level of oversight do you have for such a choir, since it cannot fall under the governance of any one congregation? I appreciate any insight or experience anyone might have to share.
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    You might contact the Liturgy Honcho in the Diocese of Madison (WI). He is the conductor of the Diocesan choir which sings regularly throughout the year. Has about 50 members.
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    You might also contact forum contributor Jenny Donelson, who runs a similar diocesan choir for the Archdiocese of New York, the Metropolitan Catholic Chorale.