ITT: Upload a "wild" organ improvisation
  • Victimae Paschali, recorded this evening. Flubbed up the statement of the subject at about 1:30, get very happy with it at about 3:50.

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    How fun! loved the ending!
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  • canadash (& Charles),

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    General Public,

    This thread will only be as fun as it ought to be if lots more organists post their own practical answers to the question, asked in another thread recently, "How wild can you go in organ improvisation?" Let's hear 'em!
  • Certainly
    more coherent and musical than the what-would-be an 'improvisation' on the other thread.
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  • I tried to cook it up with as little forethought as possible, just to see what happens... may we hear one of yours?
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  • FECIT POTENTIAM! I was waiting to hear them all scamper away for "dispersit". The Esurientes and Sicut Erat were just breathtaking, tho. Thank you so much for sharing! You improvise magnificently.

    Who is next?
  • Some excellent improvisers here! Love it! I'm little more than self-taught hack myself when it comes to organ improv, but love doing it anyhow.

    Here's the improv I put in the other thread. This was practice and experimentation before Easter Sunday Mass.

    And this is a rather oddly protracted improv from tonight on the mode v Tantum Ergo. This was filler between Benediction and Low Mass. I expected about 4-5 minutes. Turned out to be 10. So it dragged on, and occasionally seems to be stuck, admittedly. But it's live, very "real" (mistakes and all!), and definitely in-the-moment. Zero prep... I decided on this theme about 30 seconds before beginning the improv. Wanted to keep it a bit more meditative, but with something of a high point. [Sorry the camera isn't facing the organ, but the entire reason for recording was simply to test my camera and mic setup for recording next week's Solemn Pontifical High Mass. Still have some balance adjustments to make.] But anyway, here ya go:

    I'll be doing a much more "wild" and partially prepared improv on the introit for the Feast of St. Lawrence (confessio et pulchritudo) this Sunday at a brief recital for the 100th anniversary of our chapel's dedication. Perhaps I'll record that...
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    Maybe not wild but a but bluesy
  • Gregory!!!
    How banal!
    How could you???
    (The art isn't bad, though.)
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    Thanks for sharing! The Tantum Ergo was so lovely and atmospheric!

    Dr Hamilton,

    I want my daddy's records! (I hope someone gets that. A commment on the mood of the improv is embedded in that reference.)

    Who is next? This is fun!
  • With Pentecost upon us, I figured it was time for some more improvisational fun:
  • Let's revive this! If you're a regular improviser, post something up. It doesn't necessarily need to be "wild." I know there are a lot of talented organists roaming around here, and I love listening and getting new ideas, from the basic and simple to the complex and wild!

    I'll kick it off again. I can't really explain why, but for some reason as I meditated upon the flames consuming Notre Dame yesterday (while the inferno was still blazing, and the disposition of the interior was yet unknown), the Tonus Peregrinus was in my head. So I got it out of my head, in a rather angsty, firey fashion:

    width="560" height="315">

    For the nerdy & interested: Hauptwerk Advanced, Composite Cavaille-Coll sample set, Baldwin D422 midi console, direct audio output
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    This cracks me up every time I see it!
    And....during this week of lamentations of our Lady...
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    Improvised in GarageBand since I don't have access to an organ (based VERY loosely on Pachelbel Canon in D)

    Electobatic - definitely in the category of 'wild' i suspect

    Of course it goes without saying, this is not for the liturgy...

    But these days you have to tell everyone! ESPECIALLY the heirarchy.