Hymn Tune?? --- that goes with 88.88 (LM) rhyming scheme of ABBA
  • Is there a hymn tune that works well with a rhyme scheme of ABBA ??

    For instance, hymns like this:

    The splendor of the Father thou,
    Of humankind the living hope,
    Aid all that under heaven’s cope
    Before thy holy presence bow!

    And Savior, we with souls bedewed
    In thy redeeming blood, upraise
    The tribute of our earnest praise,
    Bowed down in holy gratitude.

    I'm talking specifically of 88.88 (“Long Meter”).

    I know Ronald Knox used ABBA for a different meter on page 138 of the New Westminster Hymnal.
  • Liam
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    Gibbons' SONG 34 aka ANGELS' SONG?

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  • StimsonInRehabStimsonInRehab
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    I used ABBA's "Dancing Queen" for the centenary of Our Lady of Fatima. (Hey, if the Sun danced, surely Our Lady was dancing as well?)
  • MarkS
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    On first glance I think it would be lovely to Calvin Hampton's de Tar. Episcopalians sing it with the text "O love of God, how strong, how true'" at H 456. Unfortunately due to copyright I cannot link to the tune:


    I've been singing this text to this tune for a couple of minutes now and I'm convinced that this a lovely pairing. I'm sure that there are those who might contend that this may not be 'congregational friendly' tune. My (current Episcopal) choir and congregation heartily disagree!

  • Agincourt (written, originally, in the 1400s, but useful for some time as a tune for Vexilla Regis) and the tune I think is called Deus Tuorum Militum.