Genuflexi on Pentecost 2nd Allelluya
  • dear musicasacra member (or some theologians in this forum),
    what we (as a choir/schola) must to do during verse "veni sancte spiritus...." on 2nd alleluya?
    the intruction in Liber Usualis 1962, it tell that we must genuflexi
    strange, it do not appear on Graduale Romanum (or Graduale Triplex) ed. 1973 (and ccwatershed,too)
    thank you very much
  • Commendable practice, but no longer required in the OF.
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  • Ted
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    If it is at the EF Mass, everyone is to kneel for the verse, whether sung or said. In the Novus Ordo, these Propers are no longer considered prayers essential to the Mass, so kneeling/genuflecting is omitted.
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