Eastertide to Corpus Christi
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    Now that the Easter Triduum is behind me I'd like to find some new interesting yet accessible music for my choir. We sing SATB (or SSATB) and most of the music in the Oxford Easy Anthem book is at our level, though not "easy" for my choir. Any suggestions would be most welcome.
  • If you have mastered most of the OEAB, you might find some very nice things in Oxford's A Sixteenth Century Anthem Book. It contains some not-too-difficult motets as well as a few more advanced ones. This book should be in every choirmaster's library.

    Also, Oxford has a series of anthem-motet books for each of the various seasons, beginning with Advent for Choirs, etc. Too, there is Oxford's Epiphany to All Saints for Choirs. It has fifty anthem-motets for the following: Epiphany, Presentation, Annunciation, Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity, All Saints'.

    Also, Oxford's The New Church Anthem Book is a trove of fine choosings for throughout the year.
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  • Consider the Chester Books of Motets. They are slightly expensive, come in many volumes but a treasure of many motets.
  • I have a couple of transcriptions/arrangements my choir will do during this time.

    For Easter 4, we'll sing "Very bread, Good Shepherd tend us" by Stanley Marchant. I found it in an old Musical Times, and it's PD if you're in the US.

    And for Trinity Sunday, I arranged "Father, all-holy" by Charles Wood for SATB + organ.

    Though we're not singing it this year, here's a really nice setting of the introit text (in English) for Pentecost, by a composer named Scott Villard - Spiritus domini. I have it filed away for next year.
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    I have found some real gems of sacred music by the modern composer, Dalitz.
    We sing his "Ubi Caritas" and "Ascendit Deus" during Eastertide, his Missa Tribus Vocibus is beautiful but fairly simple. My women's schola has also learned one of his Magnificats, and I plan to have them learn his new 2-part Salve Regina this spring.

    We also sing pieces from the St. Gregory hymnal, like the choral hymn version of "Veni Sancte Spiritus", Arcadelt "Ave Maria", Mozart's "Jubilate Deo", etc.
    Pieces by Croce are usually fairly simple for a choir to learn well. We know a few different ones, and I especially like his "O Sacrum Convivium".
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