Memorial of Mary, Mother of the Church
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    Here are Latin propers for the new (OF) memorial of Mary, Mother of the Church.
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  • I hope the Vatican printers have laid up a good supply of extra commas. Phew.
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    Not sure if these are the right verses, and I can’t remember if it’s from the Order for a Conclave or the Rite of Funerals for a Pope.
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    The right Latin verses for the responsorial psalm are:

    1 Fundamenta eius in montibus sanctis;
    2 diligit Dominus portas Sion
    super omnia tabernacula Iacob.

    3 Gloriosa dicta sunt de te, civitas Dei! -
    5 Et de Sion dicetur: “ Hic et ille natus est in ea;
    et ipse firmavit eam Altissimus ”.

    6 Dominus referet in librum populorum:
    “ Hi nati sunt illic ”.
    7 Et cantant sicut choros ducentes:
    “ Omnes fontes mei in te ”.
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    I double checked and confirmed it’s the Responsorial Psalm for the Missa de BMV a Cenaculo (no. 81) on p.137 of the Ordo rituum conclavis (2000).
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    The USCCB has now posted online a PDF of the readings for the Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church (USA Lectionary).

    The USCCB has also written on their website that an English version of the proper texts for the Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church will be included in the Liturgy of the Hours, Second Edition, after translation by the International Commission on English in the Liturgy, approval by the USCCB, and confirmation by the Holy See.

    The CDWDS has listed the Latin Liturgy of the Hours texts on their website.
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    When the texts first came out, I received a response from the USCCB mentioning that the lectionary texts would soon be available - however, the LOTH texts were deemed to be a while into the future and not available any time soon, thanks to the long drawn out translations-approval process.

    Having said that, I noted that the antiphons for the Benedictus and Magnificat are identical or extremely close to the antiphons of the Common of the B.V. Mary for Midmorning and Midafternoon prayer.
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    And don't forget Kathy's repurposed hymn, here.
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    In the Roman Missal, the antiphons and proper prayers (including a proper Preface) are in the section of Votive Masses, no. 10-B: "Our Lady, Mother of the Church."
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    When the Holy See announced the addition of this memorial the Universal Calendar, there was some internet traffic on the question of OF versus EF regarding placement on the calendar, since the directive states that this Memorial is to be observed on "the Monday after Pentecost".

    In the OF, that means the next day, but in the EF, since the Octave of Pentecost remains, I would assume that means it would be celebrated (if it were celebrated in the EF at all) on the day after Trinity Sunday.

    Does that mesh with everyone's understanding, or have EF communities decided the since in the '62 Missal October 11th is still the Feast of the Maternity of BVM, which presumably takes into account her maternity of the Church as well as that of Our Lord, it will sort of...not really register as an issue?

    Jes' askin' is all.

    Gaudete in Domino Semper!
  • My understanding is that it applies exclusively to the OF.
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  • "Alleuia"!

    Found the missing L:
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  • Quick, tell the Pope you've found the missing L.
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    That will make you a director in the Vatican Bank.