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    I just noticed and filled a hole at CPDL in Byrd's Gradualia I, the Laetania which has all the responses required for the Litany of Saints. Neither tenor nor superius seem to have to do with the version in LU, so I'm wondering if there are alternate tones that might be a better fit. Any ideas?
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    I have only seen the Great Litany set to the usual tone as found in the L.U. / Graduale.
    As for other Litanies I am sure that I have seen the Litany of Lorreto set to 5 different tones, Sacred Heart 2 or 3, and St. Joseph 2. All found in books published post 1900, so I would suspect that other tones of the Great Litany may be found.

    Q. Where does one look for tones of the Great Litany? Perhaps looking for the various online Graduale / Notated Missale and looking at The Vigil and Of course the rogations Mass and procession (Greater and lesser Litanies).

    I have had a quick look at the Sarum books and have not found the Great Litany, I will try again.
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    There is a different version in the Processionale Monasticum, I believe. I know I’ve seen some elsewhere, but I can’t remember at the moment.
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    @tomjaw: What is the other tone for the litany of St. Joseph, and can you provide a score & scan? I have only ever seen the one that is in the LU, and many other editions.

    I am mainly interested in case it fits within the same parameters as the litany tones which I am planning to include in my never finished book-project (basically, I'm sticking to stuff from Solesmes editions, omitting tones that are not quite in line with what seems to be the standard paradigm).
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    Have grabbed a pile of books,

    Manuel des Processions et Benedictions du très Saint Sacrament, Descelle, 1921
    Has three tones for the Litany of the Sacred Heart,
    8 for the Litany of Loretto
    1 for St. Joseph (different from the L.U.)
    1 for the Great Litany

    Cantus ad Processiones et Benedictiones, Descelle, 1948
    1. For Sacred Heart
    8, for Loretto
    1, Litany of the Saints

    Will add to this later...
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    I was able to purchase both of these online for a reasonable price, many thanks for the lead.

    That alternate tone for the Litany of St. Joseph I was able to also find online HERE. However, I'm a little puzzled by the endings of the Agnus Dei's, which do not follow the expected accentuation pattern.

    The one I think I will be wanting to include in my book is a tone for the Litany of the Sacred Heart that I had been wondering about in another discussion HERE.
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    Richard's original question about on which litany tone Byrd based his setting now finds a decent answer in the Sarum Processional. There are several litanies (see the vigil of the Ascension for example), but Byrd here seems to set the Rogation litany, with a few accidental or stylistic differences.

    Have a look through the whole document - there are many interesting chants, including a troped Salve Regina!