Passion Gospel tones (not typeset to text)
  • I am looking for the traditional chant tones for the Passion Gospel. I have looked hard for simply the tones by themselves, and all I have found are fully typeset gospels. I need to set it to the Gospel from Mark with text from RSV-2CE for use in the Personal Ordinariate, so that's why I'm looking for the tones by themselves. Figuring out the tones from scratch could be difficult with all the intricacies as seen here: Luke Chant notation 20100327.pdf I don't think this exact topic exists in a previous thread. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

  • I've been told the tone exists only in Latin, and English versions are also adaptations. I found Bruce Ford's Mark Gospel which I can adapt. I think I solved it for now, but anyone is still free to comment.
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