Prayers needed
  • I’ve been dealing with some kind of inner ear disturbance for almost two months. It has deteriorated into vertigo that never goes away. I was treated for an ear infection but nothing seems to be working. The affected ear still aches and feels stuffed up. My doctor gave me a patch to help the vertigo but the side effects are horrendous when I have to take the patch off. I had to miss a rehearsal tonight because I couldn’t stand to drive, the vertigo causes severe motion sickness. Today was really awful with a sudden change in the weather, even lying down does not help the dizzy feeling right now. It feels like a never ending hell, and just going about daily life is becoming impossible. This condition has also sparked a relapse of anxiety and panic attacks, which I haven’t had in many years. I just want to feel normal again! So if you can, just pray for healing and for my physicians to figure out a solution to this problem. Thanks. :(
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    Just said a Ave.
    You might try acupuncture they sometimes deal well with blockages.
    All blessings.
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    Prayers for you and the healing of your inner ear, vertigo, and anxiety problems. Do take it easy. :)
  • I went to my chiropractor today, had not been in over a year. I was there for two hours, he took all kinds of measurements, checked reflexes-I was in really bad shape. Part of the problem was coming from my neck being out of place-I felt like I was going to pass out when he finally adjusted me. I’ll be going at least twice a week until I’m back in order. For now the vertigo has dramatically lessened. Thank you all for your continued prayers!
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    Prayers ongoing for your continued recovery and improvement.
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    praying for you.