Prayers of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, Mode I
  • Attached is an 8.5x11 PDF setting of the following prayers of the Divine Mercy Chaplet to Mode I:
    • "Eternal Father..." (adaptation of an Office antiphon)
    • "For the sake..." (Psalm tone 1f)
    • The Trisagion (adaptation of an Office antiphon)

    One may use the simple formula for the Sign of the Cross, the Snow or Mahrt chanted Lord's Prayer, and a psalm-tone Hail Mary. I've set the Apostles' Creed (traditional translation) based on the formula for the Ambrosian Credo.

    Feel free to offer constructive criticism. Also, I've been thinking of setting these prayers to the eight modes of the Latin Church, and setting these to simple three- or four-part harmony. Would either be a worthwhile endeavor? Let me know.
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  • What a great help- thanks, Aristotle! I think a simple 3 or 4 part setting would be wonderful. Would you want a distinct melody or something more polyphonic?
  • MaryAnn, I'm thinking SATB homophony, ala Gouzes/Rice, that could then alternate with other solo/soli/cori combinations for the different sections of the chaplet.
    But, great thanks to Aristotle indeed. I'm going to propose his setting for this year.
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    Sent to one praying this for Lent! Thanks!
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  • Aristotle,
    Do you have this Divine Mercy chant in modern notation?
  • I do not.
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    Hey Aristotle -- care to share your "Apostles' Creed (traditional translation) based on the formula for the Ambrosian Credo"? I'm going to use your Mode I Chaplet. Thank you for it! Fine work!
  • I just saw the chaplet - really cool. I've passed it on to some friends. Thank you!