Polyphony Database Crowdfunder
  • Please consider supporting the crowdfunding project. He (Francis Bevan) is doing great work and producing nice editions.


    There are lots of early music rewards available for larger donations. Time is of the essence as the fund deadline is tomorrow!
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  • From Francis Bevan:

    It appears I misread the fine print, and the Polyphony Database Crowdfund is actually still open until 10:56pm this evening, so there's still time if you want to share and donate.

    Thank you to everyone that has given so far - we've just passed the £2000 mark!
    Please help if you can.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    Now past halfway. I think that's 10:56 GMT so 2:56pm in Seattle.
  • Great resource. A shame the typesetting is so ghastly.
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    Here's a link to the project itself, at the moment mostly a bunch of links to IMSLP-hosted prints. "...the practicality of CPDL with the academic rigour and ambition of the RISM census" certainly sounds good, but one wonders how much duplication of effort there will be.

    There's an index by Sunday like CPDL's Sacred_music_by_season but it's not very populated yet, and there's no sign of a scriptural index. The clefs give a more refined idea of ranges than CPDL's S, A, T & B but the only search function is by number of voices. Isaac's Choralis Constantinus is still unindexed.

    I suppose I'll add it to http://legacy.arts.ufl.edu/motet/search.asp|U. Florida's motet base as a potentially useful resource.
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