"Gregorian Chant" generator
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    So there's a website that will generate "Gregorian chants" as easy listening background noise. Yes, you too can generate parodies of the most sacred music in the history of the Church to listen to while you relax, drinking a La Croix after a long day of reading "The New Yorker". I wrote a review.

    "As a scholar of chant and someone who has composed chants to new texts, I must say that this generator is an abomination unto the lord and all that is good and pure in the world. MAY IT DIE A THOUSAND BURNING DEATHS AT THE JAWS OF ANNIHILATION.
    -infinity/10 would not recommend."

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  • Well, let's clarify a bit. I didn't explore it for long, but it appears to be a recording of Pange Lingua in which one can control various aspects of the playback (the wet/dry mix of some pretty horrible-sounding reverb and the volume of various voices) and add in a drone and some bells. In addition, there seems to be a little bit of not very nice 'mashing up' of the chant, or so it sounded during the brief time that I played with it. Or perhaps it is just glitchy.

    It isn't 'generating' chant.

    There might be some copyright violation, here. And the 'information' that is provided alongside the controls is, erm, questionable in places.

    There have been some worthwhile and interesting projects involving electronics and music in the past 75 years or so, and a legion of bad ones. This one doesn't even make it into the 'bad' category -- it's just amateur-hour rubbish.
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