Ash Wednesday 2018
  • PRE:

    • Attende Domine - alternate men vs. women
    • Forty Days and Forty Nights
    • Exaudi Nos antiphon as celebrant processes in
    • Blessing and Distribution of Ashes (antiphons and / or Responsory as needed)


    • Full Propers
    • Mass XVIII
    • Offertory: Miseremini Mei (Anon)
    • Communion: (as time permits)
    • Peccantem Me (Morales)
    • Vide Domine (Palestrina)
    • Desidero Mi Iesu (Allen)
    • De Profundis (Salieri)
    • Miserere Mei (Lotti)


    • Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days
  • davido
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    Ordinary: ICEL chants
    Gradual psalmody: Respond and Acclaim
    Minor propers: Weber

    E: Again we keep this solemn fast (ERHALT UNS HERR)
    Distribution: proper chants (Weber)
    Parce Domine
    O: Lord who throughout these forty days (ST FLAVIAN)
    C: Attende Domine
    R: Forty days and forty nights (HEINLEIN)
  • ghmus7
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    Full Propers, impressive!
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  • Thank you!

    I have Ash Wednesday and Epiphany II on alternating 2 year cycles (AW is full when E2 is medium - psalm-tone offertory; E2 is full when AW is medium - psalm-tone Grad/Tract).

    I will have Lent I and Palm Sunday on a 4 year rotation - Lent I will be full every fourth year (next year) and Palm Sunday will be full 2 years following. Lent II through Passion are full every year.

    That worked fairly well in my last group, so continuing it in my current group.
  • OF Ash Wednesday Mass
    Hymn at the Procession: Attende Domine
    Introit: SEP antiphon
    Kyrie: Unfortunately recited w/ petitions (they never use Confiteor at this church)
    Resp Psalm: R&A w/ gregorian psalm tone verses
    Gospel Acc: Laus tibi Christe (lifted from Vatican youtube video)
    Distribution of Ashes: LCM antiphons (Bartlett)
    Offertory: Richard Rice antiphon
    Hymn at the Offertory: O Sun of Justice
    Mass Parts: Mix of ICEL Chant and Mass XVII
    Communion: SEP w/ gregorian psalm tone verses
    Hymn after Communion: Again We Keep this Solemn Fast
    Hymn at the Retiring Procession: Have Mercy, Lord, On Us

    We are also doing sung OF Ash Wednesday Vespers with distribution of ashes. Ashes will be distributed after the Pater Noster and prior to the "Closing Prayer" of vespers.
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  • fcbfcb
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    There is no penitential rite (and thus no confetior/troped kyrie) in the Ash Wednesday Mass.
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  • I feel like we need more verses for Attende Domine (English tonight, easing them into Lent). Does anyone know if there ever were more written?
  • keep in mind we have Gather 3 as our main hymnal. Also keep in mind, though I appreciate and use chant, I have played the 4 square hymns for 10 years and so has this parish. So, with that warning:

    Entrance: Change Our Hearts- Cooney (I know, I know)
    Responsorial Psalm: Respond and Acclaim with psalm tone verses
    Gospel Acclamation: Respond and Acclaim
    Distribution of Ashes: Hear Us Almighty Lord/ Attende Domine
    Offertory: Our Father We Have Wandered (PASSION CHORALE)
    Mass setting: Mass of Grace (very nice, locally composed setting; not commercially available
    Angus Dei: Vatican Ed. XVIII
    Communion: O Breathe On Me, O Breath of God (ST. COLUMBA)
    Recessional: From Ashes to the Living Font- Hommerding (St. FLAVIAN)
  • @fcb - that is very interesting. I double checked the missal.

    It says: The Penitential Act is omitted, and the Distribution of Ashes takes its place.

    But then says later: After the Homily, the Priest, standing with hands joined, says: (referring to Blessing & Distribution of ashes)

    I assume this to mean: the penitential act isn't omitted if the blessing of the ashes is taking place at that mass, as the "blessing & distribution" is to take place after the homily.

    If the ashes are already blessed, then the distribution takes the place of the penitential act.

    All of this is referring to the ordinary form, obviously.

    In any case, at our church, they did not use any prescribed form of the penitential act, but did say "Lord, have mercy; Christ, have mercy; Lord, have mercy" and continued with "May almighty God have mercy on us.." right to the Collect. The ashes were blessed and distributed after the homily at all masses.


  • fcbfcb
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    By "takes the place" I don't think it means "occurs in the location of" but rather "fulfills the function of." So I think what is envisioned is:

    Sign of the Cross and Greeting
    "Let us pray" and collect.

    The blessing and distribution of ashes then takes place after the homily.
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  • Our pastor still said it. He told me afterward he knows it isn't in the missal but is big on "routine" and keeping things the same. Ok. It makes sense there is no penitential rite simply because the whole act of ashes is penitential.
  • (I was typing the same thing when fcb's post popped up.) I think it is pretty clear in the Roman Missal that the Penitential Act is omitted regardless of when the ashes are or were blessed.

    Some people omit the Kyrie thinking it part of the Penitential Act, and I can see why they'd think so but in the Roman Missal the two are treated separately -- they are listed separately under the 'parts of the mass', both in the English version and the Latin version.
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  • Very interesting. Thanks all for your insight
  • Ash Wednesday at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham

    Said Mass -

    Solemn High Mass -

    At the Procession - The Introit: Misereris omium - - - Mode I (Palmer-Burgess)

    The Psalm - LI: Miserere mei - - - Chant, Walter Ernest Smith
    The Tract - Domine, non secundum pecatta nostra - - - Mode II (P-B)

    At the Imposition of Ashes -
    The Lenten Prose - Attende Domine, et miserere - - - Mode V
    Psalm LI - Miserere mei, Deus - - - Gregori Allegri

    At the Offertory -
    The Antiphon - Exaltabo te, Domine - - - Mode II (P-B)
    Anthem - 'Remember Not, Lord, Our Offences' - - - Henry Purcell

    Sanctus - Mass in A-minor - - - Claudio Casciolini
    The Our Father - - - Mode VII
    Agnus Dei - Mass in A-minor - - - Claudio Casciolini

    At the Communion -
    The Antiphon - Qui meditabitur - - - Mode III (P-B)
    The Trisagion - - - Alexander Arkhangelsky
    Anthem - 'Wash Me Throughly' - - - Samuel Sebastian Wesley
    Hymn - 'Jesus, Lover of My Soul' - - - Aberystwyth

    At the Dismissal - Hymn: 'The Glory of These Forty Days' - - - Spires
  • Kathy
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    In the EF the Kyrie remains.
  • There is no Creed because it is a feria, not a feast. From the Rubricae generales:
    301. The Mass of a feast, in the proper sense, is understood to be the Mass of the mystery, saint or blessed celebrated according to the order of the office.
    475. After the gospel or after the homily, the creed is said:
    a) every Sunday, even if the office of the Sunday yields to some feast, or a votive Mass of the 2nd class is celebrated;
    b) on feasts of the 1st class and in votive Masses of the 1st class;
    c) on 2nd class feasts of the Lord and of the Blessed Virgin Mary;
    d) throughout the octaves of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost even on the occurring feasts and in votive Masses;
    e) on the birthdays of the apostles and the evangelists and on the feasts of St. Peter’s Chair and of St. Barnabas, apostle.

    476. The creed is not said:
    a) in the Chrism Mass and the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Thursday of Holy Week, and in the Mass of the Easter vigil;
    b) on feasts of the 2nd class, except those listed above, nos. 475c and e;
    c) in votive Masses of the 2nd class;
    d) in festive and votive Masses of the 3rd and 4th class;
    e) by reason of any commemoration occurring in the Mass;
    f) in Masses of the dead.
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  • davido
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    Ah, Aberystwyth. So sublime
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