Experiences with the new Antiphonale from Praglia Abbey
  • Does anyone please have practical experience of how to use the new Antiphonale from Praglia Abbey? Only the Temporale published so far - Sanctorale due next year. Main problem I have found is that (apart from Sundays and Feasts) the psalm texts are missing (antiphons all present in huge detail), and one needs to use another volume. Which does one use? It is of course Schema B, which has the psalms in a different order from the Solesmes Edition, but I gather is standard practice in some places.
  • Schema B is used at our abbey as well, with Lauds and Vespers in Latin, the rest in French. For the French, "Liturgie monastique des Heures" was used until a couple of years ago when the abbey did up its own choir books (it's out of print now, it was published by Clervaux in Luxembourg). For Lauds and Vespers in Latin, for years they used two books titled "Lauds and Vespers" that were in a nice binding, but were facsimiles of the psalms from Psautier Monastique (the Latin-French version of Psalterium Monasticum).

    When Solesmes produced its new antiphonary starting in 2005, our abbey's choirmaster started producing their own choir books. He obtained all the music and psalms from Solesmes in electronic format (the abbey is part of the Solesmes Congregation).

    Your could use Psalterium Monasticum, but you will spend a lot of time flipping back and forth. If I were in your shoes, I'd simply produce my own Latin psalter for Schema B using on-line resources for the psalms.

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  • Here's a source where you can see the psalm order all monastic and Roman schemas:


    For Schema B specifically:


    Note one change compared to the Schema B table: Psalm 94 and 80 for the Saturday and Sunday invitatories have been switched so 80 is on Saturday and 94 is on Sunday.