1916 Kimball Organ due to return to service
  • Hello all,

    My refurbished Kimball organ is (still) on track for a return to service next Wednesday. Assuming that between here and Wednesday nothing goes wrong, we will still not play the organ for Mass on Ash Wednesday. IF it returns from its long convalescence as hoped, it will return to regular service on Maundy Thursday.

    Please keep the success of this project in your prayers.
  • CharlesW
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    Prayers for great success. Kimball built some fine instruments.
  • Strained back of one of the workers threatens the project.
    St. Cecilia, pray for us.

    St. Jude, pray for us.
  • It's a Sunday in Lent, so I'm posting briefly the good news. (I won't see any replies put here until, perhaps, next Sunday)

    Today, before the 10:30 Portuguese Mass, I returned the organ to service at the encouragement of the pastor. The Mass and the pre-Mass recital (or maiden voyage or whatever) were broadcast on the radio, but I don't know the station's details yet.

    Thank you for all your prayers.