New Schola Oranizing in Central Alabama
  • Hi all! I have four experienced singers ready to get together and sing. If you know of anyone in the area - or if you are in the area, please let me know! :) Here is the advertised description:

    A new Catholic choral group in Montgomery is organizing. It would be a small group comprised of experienced singers who sing during the occasional Liturgy outside Sunday Mass (such as a holy hour or First Communion Mass). Commitments would ideally include two practices and singing at a Liturgy.

    -Ability to read music
    -Prior choral experience
    -Love for the Church's rich treasury of music

    We have four interested singers from various parishes currently, and could especially use additional men's voices. Singing would be on a volunteer basis (not monetarily compensated).

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  • Best of luck from Cincinnati, OH!
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  • Will include your group on our Perpetual St. Dunstan Novena.
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  • Wishing you good luck! Sounds like a great project.
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    Good luck with that!
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    "Oranizing"? Coining a new word? Oranize [def]: to configure one's arms in the orans (Lat.) position. But if a schola cantorum oranizes, what do the members do with their copies of the Liber Usualis?
  • Found a Catholic CMAA workshop trained baritone in town! The ladies who provide music for a Latin Mass in Troy, AL have also reached out. Thanks for the prayers!! Keep them up and maybe we'll find more :)