Nuptial Chants in English?
  • Friends, I have been looking around for the Proper in English for a wedding Mass. So far, I have only been able to locate English propers in Adam Bartlett's Simple Engish Propers. However, the bride and groom want it as close to Latin Gregorian chant as possible. Is there an Anglican Use proper for the nuptial Mass somewhere?
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    The Palmer/Burgess "Plainchant Gradual" has these chants:
    IN. Deus in loco sancto, p. 253 in vol. 1-2
    GR. Timete Dominum, p. 225* in vol. 3-4
    (I haven't found the Alleluia Mittat vobis yet.)
    OF. Immittet angelos, p 266 in vol 1-2
    or: OF. In te speravi, p 263 in vol 1-2
    CO. Beati mundo corde, p. 227* in vol 3-4

    PDFs: (vol 1-2, vol 3-4)
  • I have compiled the nuptial chants in three versions.

    1. The Palmer-Burgess adaptations of the 'Gregorian' propers, plus my own adaptation of one of the propers that Palmer=Burgess doesn't have.
    2. Psalm Tone settings.
    3. Anglican Chant settings which I have arranged.

    I would be glad to mail these to you if you wish to send me your address.
  • The (relatively) recent book of chant by Fr. Weber has several pages devoted to chants for the celebration of marriage. They are well composed in my view, and somewhat 'Gregorian' in character. (Certainly many of them are more melismatic than the Simple English Propers, if that's what your couple has in mind.)