Candlemas / Purification 2018
  • PRE:
    • Litany of BVM #1
    • At the Name of Jesus
    • Organ prelude and processional
    • Blessing and Distribution of Candles (chant)
    • Interior procession with candles (chant)

    • Mass XII and Credo II
    • Ladies' only "medium" propers (Full tone except psalm-tone Gradual / Tract)
    • Alma Redemptoris (Palestrina) for Offertory motet
    • Ave Maria (Cottone) for Communion motet 1
    • Tota Pulchra Es (Balthasar-Florence) for Communion motet 2 (2 part SA)

    • Daily, Daily Sing to Mary for recessional
    • Organ postlude
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    All of our music, proper to this day, was sung first in English, followed by the Gregorian (or the given psalm tone, as appropriate to the Candlemas antiphons before Mass):

    Lighting of the Candles: Behold, Our Lord... Ecce Dominus noster
    Distribution/Procession: A Light to lighten the Gentiles... Lumen ad revelationem gentium

    Mass Ordinary: Missal Chants

    -Introit: We have received your mercy, O God... Suscepimus, Deus

    Resp.: Who is this king of glory? It is the Lord!
    Alleluia: Gregorian Alleluia with psalm tone English verse: The old man carried the child...

    -Offertory: Grace has been poured out... Diffusa est gratia
    Offertory Hymn: V1&2 In His Temple Now Behold Him (SA-B)

    -Communio: Simeon had received a revelation... Responsum accepit Simeon
    Communion Motet: Jesu, Salvator Mundi (duet of just the SS (missing A) parts)
    Chant: Alma Redemptoris Mater

    Hymn at the Exposition: O Salutaris Hostia
    Recessional: V3&4 In His Temple Now Behold Him (SA-B)
  • Chanted everything. IX & I for the mass. Followed by O Saultaris for Benediction. As the Latins say, Sit Simplex, Stutle. (That, and we just finished a whopper of a mass the previous day at a nearby all-men's college.)
  • The Papal Mass at St Peter's Rome yesterday (Feb2) was lovely. It's on U Tube courtesy of the Vatican website. The Mass Program was there also, with all the music for the congregation printed out. Ordinary Form but plenty of Latin chant. It really does look like the Sistine Choir is returning to a early polyphonic tone when suitable. The Holy Father's homily was good too.
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  • when suitable.

    In whose eyes?