2018 Colloquium - Back in Chicago Again!
  • I just want to highlight the fact that we will be in Chicago at Loyola University again for the Colloquium this summer. For all the details, check out our webpage:

    Online registration is available here: REGISTER ONLINE

    As a special treat, St. John Cantius also has planned a Pre-Colloquium special day on June 24th for the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. There will be an orchestral Mass at Noon, followed by lunch at SJC, followed by a lovely concert in the afternoon. You can find all the details about this at the St. John Cantius website as the event gets closer.

    If possible, plan to come in a day early so you can visit their lovely parish and enjoy a beautiful day of music (and food).
  • That is quite the carrot to dangle.

    As well as quite the inspiration before Colloquium XXVIII.
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  • TCJ
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    I intend to be there with, hopefully, some choir members.
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  • If I can get off work, yeah-yuuuuuuuuh
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  • Janet - there seems to be a misprint in the schedule of events listed on the web page. Nowhere does it mention when the Colloquium Follies is going to take place.
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  • ha! Although the follies are always great fun, we just cannot fit them into the program each year... will try again soon :)
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    What is the actual deadline for Early Registration?
    (It really matters to me this year which month that credit card statement will send me into shock)
    I thought the Colloquium page said March 1 but an email said March 31.
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    Although the follies are always great fun, we just cannot fit them into the program each year

    G... sad.image
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  • I made a typo on the email (so sorry)! The deadline for the colloquium is actually March 1st.

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  • Colloquium video. Please share with all your friends!

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    So tempting....unfortunately, the cost is really expensive right now. Maybe next year....but if anyone in the Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, or Houston - Galveston areas knows of any Gregorian chant workshops suitable for beginners, you can message me (I enjoy sacred polyphony; however, I already get a fair diet of that in parish choir - we also get occasional glimpses of Gregorian chant on important days, but not enough to be super proficient).
  • If you really want to focus on chant, maybe you should think about attending the Chant Intensive training in Pittsburgh the week before with David Hughes.
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    There is still a small amount of time left to register for either our Summer Courses at Pittsburgh, or the Colloquium in Chicago...