Polish Lenten Hymnody
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    Could anyone share a four part score to the Polish hymn Jezu, Tyś cały krwią zbroczony?

    And/or, does anyone have suggestions and access to four part scores for other Polish Lenten hymns that would be appropriate for Mass?
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    Are you only looking for free settings immediately available, or would you also like hints concerning publications available from online bookstores in Poland?
  • Any hints or leads you can provide in any direction would be appreciated, thanks!
  • You could try contacting one of the organists at Our Lady of the Scapular in Wyandotte MI. When I was there there were several volumes of organ scores from Poland in a small library in the loft. This has been a number of years ago so I cannot guarantee they’re still there, but it’s worth a try.
  • Jezu, Tyś cały Krwią zbroczony

    Space left to type in the verses - if you have them separated with dashed for syllables, I could flow them in for you.
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  • http://www.liturgicalcenter.org/en/spiewnik should have what you need. Check out the whole site.
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  • After checking out the hymns I happened to find myself on a page related to the customs and the special Lenten services really piqued my interest. Very interesting, thanks for sharing Jeffrey Quick!
  • Ahh, Orchard Lake. Brings back memories. :)
  • Lyrics added!
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    I really like this harmonization.