Children's action songs
  • From time to time I need action songs for the smallest attenders at parish events. You might too, So I thought I would throw this up. Suggestions of other material gratefully received. Given that we don't teach much catechism, anything which might teach the basics of the faith would be particularly welcome.
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  • Bonnie,

    So we can help you more, could you define "parish events"?
  • CCoozeCCooze
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    I'm sorry, but what are "action songs," and what sort of directive is "brightly with actions?"
  • Kathy
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    Teach em chant.

    Actions can include processions :)
  • The Te Deum is an hymne d'action de grace.
    I can't think of any music that isn't action.
    Kathy's advice is sound.
    One should act on it.
  • lol, you guys. Yes kathy, I've already started that. An action song is a song accompanied by gestures,like 'the wheels on the bus go round and round...' (just in case that question wasn't ironic humour.)
    And already started with the processions too, though at the moment the custom is to send the youngest ones off in front of the priest with shakers and tambourines. But the boys are enticed by the idea of fire (think candles and incense) so incremental change is on the way....
    Doing an action song before Mass starts is my current way of a) trying to get
    the choir members (and their families) to mass on time b)creating a place where some current well loved songs can be moved, out of the mass repertoire and yet not abandoned which would cause a riot (at least not yet) c) adding catechetical content which the children and parents need. The song Sunday for example arose out of the fact that sports takes precedence over sunday mass for many families at the moment,though they are happy to come when there is no clash.
    I should note that i have inherited this situation, my other choir which was started from scratch has a different repertoire.
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    Make sure whatever you have them sing is in a healthy vocal range. The example above is too low as notated. Check the Ward books for some better tunes suitable for young voices. Not only are they pedagogical but also catechetical. You could add actions to almost anything. If they are used to gesture type songs, transitioning them into conducting the arsis-thesis might be the way to go, but I understand where you are coming from.
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  • Bonnie,

    Please tell me that you're moving them away from gesture songs at Mass, not toward such stuff.

  • @chris (rolling eyes) really? lol You think i hang out here to pick up the latest action songs? :-) Its just that incremental change takes time. and patience. and more patience.
    gimme a c C! gimme a h H! etc etc.
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  • I don't remember if I found this on my own, or here on the forum, but check THIS out.

    "Definitions and Aids to Memory for the Catechism; being a Catechism in Rhyme by Rev. Dr. Cummings" (1862)



    I. Let not a Feast or Sunday pass
    Without once hearing Holy Mass.

    II. Whene'er the Church shall so ordain,
    Keep fast, or from flesh meat abstain.

    III. Make every twelvemonth once at least
    A good Confession to your Priest.

    IV. Each year, at Easter time at least,
    Approach the Eucharistic feast.

    V. The Priest must by the people live,
    And you to him your mite should give.

    VI. The rules for Christian marriage made
    Must be respected and obeyed.


    Visit, give ransom, raiment, drink, and bread,
    Shelter the homeless, and inter the dead.


    Teach, counsel, soothe, correct, forgive, and bear,
    Think of the living and the dead in prayer.