Antonio Gallego (c.1530) Requiem Mass Recently discovered (Spanish composer totally unknown)
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    Dear friends,

    from Fidelio Musica we would like to present the world’s first publication of Misa de requiem (requiem mass) by the Spanish composer Antonio Gallego (c.1530).

    Antonio Gallego was a Spanish Renaissance composer whose existence has been totally unknown up to the present day. His Pro-Defunctis Mass has recently been discovered by the Spanish musicologist and ancient music researcher Virginia Florentín in a hidden manuscript of Valladolid’s Cathedral (Spain).

    No choir in the world has sung or recorded this Requiem Mass

    This publication also contains a preliminary study with a complete explanation about the work, archive of Valladolid Cathedral, manuscript volume 5 page 59v.

    1. Requiem Mass by Antonio Gallego (c.1530) Recently discovered (SATB) (Also contains preliminary study) Available in digital edition PDF files Price: 1 euro per copy*

    To order copies send us an email and we will indicate method of payment.
    * We only send copies according to the approximate number of members of the might need (if you need only one copie just to check it out, contact me anyway.)

    With best wishes.
    Antonio Ruiz Asumendi (Director of Fidelio)
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