Looking for an expert in English Chant
  • I am looking for someone who is well-versed or an expert in vernacular plainsong who may be available to hold a training workshop for a group of musicians in the Dayton, Ohio area at some point this coming year. I am working with another person to secure a grant for a Lenten Vespers series in 2019, and part of the grant money will be set aside for training purposes. Does anyone have any recommendations on who I may be able to contact? I thought about contacting St. Meinrad Archabbey, but wasn't sure if they traveled outside of their community to hold training sessions. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  • chonakchonak
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    Adam Bartlett, the author of CMAA's "Simple English Propers" and publisher of his own "Lumen Christi" series, is a fine teacher who studied under Fr. Columba Kelly of St. Meinrad's. You can contact him through his site, illuminarepublications.com.
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    Matthew J. Meloche is also excellent. He can be reached at the Cathedral in Phoenix, where he is the Director of Music.
  • We've had Fr. Columba Kelly, OSB give a workshop before. Fr. Samuel Weber, OSB would be another good one.
  • We had Adam out to our parish a few years ago and he was excellent.
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  • Fr Columba would be very good, but he has finally reached the point (very late eighties!) at which he cannot travel. In addition to the others listed above, I would be available for such a workshop.
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    Paul Ellison introduced me to English chant & would be an excellent choice.
  • 3 from our parish attended Adam Bartlett's 2 day "Chant Boot Camp" at Mundelein Seminary a few yrs. ago. He'd be a great choice.
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  • I'd drive to Dayton to hear MJO speak...
  • Many MD's would drive to their own church to hear themselves speak...
    What has our world become! I believe St. Joseph's in Streetsville had Adam Bartlett run a workshop a number of years ago.