Membership renewals
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    January is membership renewal month for CMAA, so here's a link to make the process easy for those of you who've wanted to add your support for 2018:

    Your support makes possible the work of the Church Music Association of America. Together, we’re sharing the Church’s ideals for sacred music everywhere: through our quarterly journal Sacred Music, through the new books and classic books we publish, through the Sacred Music Colloquium and other educational events, through the great resources we distribute free for downloading, and through our web sites, The Chant Café, New Liturgical Movement, and the Musica Sacra Forum.

    Annual membership qualifies you for discounted admission to CMAA’s events and brings you every issue of Sacred Music for the rest of the calendar year.

    And whether you're a member or not, thank you for collaborating in the work of the Church through sacred music.
  • Just a reminder to get those renewals in before the spring issue of Sacred Music is sent out. Thanks so much for your support of the CMAA!
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