Music Psychology Study
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm a graduate student running a study on the effect of music on language processing. If anybody has 10-15 minutes spare, i would be really grateful if you could listen to some music clips and rate them for their emotional content. It's mostly film music with a few other odds and ends mixed in.

    The survey is at

    There is the opportunity to enter a draw for a £30 (or local equivalent) amazon voucher at the end.

    Many thanks

  • Violin James,

    Excuse my ignorance, but is the music or the human being the test subject in this case?
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  • chonakchonak
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    Chris, I expect that the answer is: both.
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  • Dear Chris and chonak,

    Thanks for your interest in the study. At this stage, it's the music that is of interest. Once the clips that give the clearest examples of positive/negative and high/low arousal are identified, I'll use those as stimuli in studies that look more at people and the brain.

    Thanks again

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  • Dear all,

    Should anybody be interested, here's a follow on study from the one linked above. This one is more "experimental" in flavour. It requires quite a lot of concentration and takes 7 minutes to complete, but unfortunately needs to be done on a PC/laptop for technical reasons (not a phone or tablet). It's open to everyone with normal/corrected to normal hearing.

    There is an opportunity to enter a draw for a £25 Amazon voucher.

    If people are interested, I would be happy to post a precis of the findings when I get that far.

    Many thanks

  • janetgorbitzjanetgorbitz
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    Yes, please share your findings...