Suggestions for a Chant Motet on Feast of Holy Family
  • My chant group has been asked to sing for the, um, "conventual" mass at our Cathedral on the Feast of the Holy Family. In addition to ICEL mass I'd like to do something specific to the feast. Suggestions?
  • Hard to beat a selection from the Propers... textually appropriate, several are short but beautiful. Or the only other suggestion I might have is the hymn from vespers, O Lux Beata Caelitum. That would be longer and you could do some very interesting things with the texture... like work choir 1 vs. choir 2 vs. organ improvisation, for example (or simply choir vs. organ).
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  • CGM
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    By "chant motet," do you mean a chant or a motet? or a motet based on a chant?
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    Not a chant motet, but I have a text that goes to SUSSEX CAROL in this collection

    The purchase of one copy gives reprint rights to a parish or school.

    First verse:
    Within the quiet of a home
    Let no one but the angels come,
    Or travellers in their distress,
    Or friends in holy righteousness.
    Let ev'ry fam'ly live in peace,
    And let the grace of God increase.

    The other 2 verses talk about the Holy family, and ask them, especially Jesus and St. Joseph, to help families.
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  • I have just finished transcribing Kathy's Holy Family text into Sussex Carol (with some alternate harmonization) for an OF wedding that is an anticipated Mass that day. Send me a message if you are interested.
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    What a beautiful to marry! Hope the weather cooperates for the bride and groom.
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    Thanks, Patricia! It is a great honor.

    Please be clear that the text is under copyright. It's not expensive to purchase rights, but it's not mine to give away. Thank you!
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  • Hymn from Liber for that day: O lux beata caelitum would be good for this.

    Not sure if there is polyphony in existence for this hymn. But it is perfectly fitting for the occasion.
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  • Kathy and everyone--I apologize for not being clear--I sent the original post right before walking out the door and then whilst driving down the driveway realized I hadn't mentioned the copyright, mea culpa!

    Kathy's booklet of texts is FABULOUS and for the price is unbeatable (and I am not an all-caps sort of person at all...). I set the Transfiguration text to Picardy years ago and the choir at that church does it every year.
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    For year B a group that doesn't sing Compline really shouldn't pass up a chance to sing a Nunc dimittis. We're doing Gibbons', from the Short Service.
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    The Feast of the Holy Family is often associated with the finding of Our Lord in the Temple. Some of the older Libri Usuales or Antiphonalia have chants for that feast in the "Pro aliquibus locis" sections. Also, check the Analecta Hymnica if you've got the time.
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    In Year B, the Gospel will be that of the Presentation of the Lord.
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    That increases the possibilities immensely!
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    It finally stuck me that what is meant by chant-motets must be Cantionum quas mutetas vocant.
  • also in Cantus Selecti there is an easy chant enumerating the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary.
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    So, here's how it went -

    turned out Father meant the feast of the Epiphany instead of Holy Family. (I love having two calendars in the West. Don't you?) So, at last minute, my choir pulls together an impromptu program: ICEL Mass, SEP propers, Mode VIII concoction for Responsorial, O Filii et Filiae Alleluia, and Gregorian Vespers hymn and Matins Responsory (Illuminare) for Communion motet and postlude, respectively. Half an hour of rehearsal for all of the above and the group still sounded fantastic, especially on the postlude. The way this choir has grown leaps and bounds in their perception and performance of chant is inspiring. I am blessed to have such an awesome choir.

    Here endeth the boasting.
  • Stimson,

    Whenever I find myself in front of a choir in a directorial capacity, I try to remember to say to them, "Let the angels sing with you." Sounds like that's what happened in your case.

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