Mirror in the Choir Loft (for the singers to see the organist/director)
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    Our choir sings from a west end choir loft, and the organ is located in the middle of the already minimal space.

    The choir has grown in members, and presently it's impossible for all the singers to see the organist/director and similarly for the organist/director to see all the singers.

    Dividing the singers between the south and the north sides of the choir loft would present other challenges. As a matter of fact, the two halves would not be able to see each other.

    I have sung in chancels designed for cantoris and decani which are equipped with a mirror for the benefit of half the choir and the organist/director. I know there are lots of examples like this. Unfortunately, in our situation a mirror would not help the organist/director see all the choir members as they sing.

    Can anyone suggest a purveyor of such mirrors? Surely we could find local mirror specialists, but I'm hoping some of you have had experience in designing or procuring a mirror for such a unique application.

    Thanks for your suggestions.
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    As I recall, consoles were placed to promote propriety among choir members.
    Men on one side, women on the other.
    How were your concerns addressed pre-Vatican Two?
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    I don't know all the history, but it is significant that the Martin Pasi Opus 5 organ was installed in 2013. If the link works, here's a display of the organ.


    and eft94530, in about 1958, a visiting gentleman was singing with us in our parish choir of men. This gentleman pointed out that for mixed choirs in Venezuela, there would be a curtain running east and west in the choir loft to maintain segregation and propriety. Times have changed!
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  • It might be better to install a camera and screen and less expensive. My thinking is that the cost of the installation of a video system in a building which is very affordable now with cameras that are very tiny, could also serve as a security system and insurance companies are now reducing rates when such systems are in place.

    Just a thought.
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    This reminds me of an organ I visited that had a closed circuit tv on the console. I asked the organist if that was for watching the ball game during the homily.
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